We’ve recently come across three documents created by government and other organizations in Canada, Denmark, and Norway that describe various aspects of the quantum ecosystems in their country and recommendations to enhance national strategies for participation in the quantum market. These are worthwhile reads for anyone interested in the activity of those countries so we will summarize them here.

The first document is titled The Canadian Quantum Ecosystem Report 2023. It was created by the an organization based in British Columbia, Canada called the Quantum Algorithms Institute (QAI). The QAI was formed in 2000 with the charter grow quantum literacy in Canada, develop a Canadian quantum workforce, and promote quantum activity in both the province of British Columbia and Canada. The report provides an overview of the organizations working in quantum technology in Canada, a review and comparison of patent activity and technical paper creation versus other countries, an analysis of international collaborations in quantum tech, an analysis of talent retention and attraction, and an analysis of social media representation by subject area. The results of these analysis is available in the report which can be accessed here.

The second document was produced by Denmark’s Ministry of Higher Education and Science that is titled Strategi for Kvanteteknologi (in English the title is Strategy for Quantum Technology). It is the first part of a planned two part series to cover the Danish National Strategy for Quantum Technology. This first part focusses on research and innovation while the second part, planned to be released later this year, will focus on commercialization and application of quantum technology in Denmark. The document sets out goals for long term strategic investments, international cooperation, and better access to digital research infrastructures. It recommends that the Danish government budget 1 billion Danish Krone DKK (about $146M USD) in the 2023-2027 time period to support quantum research and innovation. The government has already allocated 212 million DKK for 2023, so the over amount would reflect a continuation of this funding level through 2027. A web page providing a short overview of this document (in Danish) is available here and the full document can be viewed here. (We used Google Translate to translate these documents.)

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QC Norway workshop held in November 2022 and organized by Norwegian companies including Simula, Sigma2, OsloMet, and SINTEF. It resulted in a position paper titled Contributions Towards a Norwegian Quantum Computing Strategy which was recently published from various concepts discussed in the workshop. The paper pointed on the need for a Norwegian national strategy and dedicated investments for the country to successfully participate in this market. Currently, the country does not have any official quantum policy or quantum strategy, or dedicated investments. The paper describes the potential for quantum technology, activities taking place in other countries, and makes recommendations in the areas of education, research, innovation, and infrastructure. This particular document is only focused on quantum computing only and does include any analysis or recommendations for other areas of quantum tech such as quantum communications or quantum sensing. The papers intent is to stimulate discussions with other stakeholders and inspire the development of a national quantum strategy for Norway. The document can be downloaded here.

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